The case of praise God and increase the difference? The Football Association responds

Ibrahim Qassem revealed; The Secretary-General of the Saudi Football Federation, on the federation’s position regarding the increase in the number of clubs in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League, as well as the latest developments in the issue of Al-Nasr and Moroccan Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, the striker of the Federation.

What is the position of the Saudi Football Association on increasing the number of clubs?

There has been some news during the past days, some news that there is a trend within the Saudi Football Association, to increase the number of teams next season 2022-2023, after the relegation of Al-Ahly.

Al-Qasim said, during statements to the Saudi newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat: “The board of directors of the Saudi Football Association announced that the increase in clubs will be the 2023-2024 season, not the next season.”

He continued: “The 2022-2023 season is as it is, with the participation of 16 teams, and the following season, as announced by the Saudi Football Association, there will be an increase in the number of clubs to 18 teams.”

What are the latest developments in the issue of victory and praise God?

Ibrahim was keen to clarify the position of the Saudi Football Association regarding the Al-Nasr Club case against its former player Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, as he stressed that this case is independent.

Al-Qasim said in a text: “All cases that take a legal nature are independent cases, and make sure that the committees work around the clock and will decide on them whenever they reach the result.”

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Al-Nasr Club filed a complaint against Hamdallah and Al-Ittihad Club, after possessing records condemning the Moroccan player and Hamed Al-Balawi, Executive Director of the Brigadier, stating that Abdul Razzaq was instigated to leave Al-Alam and move to the Tigers.

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