the case showing that the marks must be congruent


People who follow a vegan diet They defend not to eat any animal product. Avoid meat (including chicken and fish), eggs, milk derivatives, butter, even honey and gelatin.

Products of animal origin are not allowed by their philosophy. A strong defender of this lifestyle is Rawvana, a youtuber with 2 million 21 thousand subscribers (until the time of publication of this note), whose popularity is due to their recommendations on food.

The young man stands out on YouTube, the third most used application by Mexicans, with 72%, according to the Mexican Internet Association.

This is why it is inevitable that when one aspect of your brand is not congruent with what you profess, the content will become viral. This case reminds us, therefore, that personal brands must be congruent.

The Rawvana case

This, after a young woman who ate with the youtuber, uploaded a video that showed the moment. Internet users noticed that allegedly had fish in Rawvana's dish and so began questioning the figure of the Internet.

Tweets, publications on other platforms, comments on videos and even memes were generated after hearing that one of the most fervent defenders of the vegan diet ate fish.

The crisis for this personal brand is highlighted especially for those who follow this trend closely. Credibility and trust are the key to a youtuber.

We remember that the 59 percent online consumers around the world recommend to friends and acquaintances a brand or character they trust, based on the results of an Edelman study, but on the contrary, the same strength of the recommendations can be applied to the personal brand.

This is the reason why some companies avoid sponsoring or placing as your youtuber ambassadors or influencers of other social networks, since the professional management of their brands is a latent risk, which can transfer most of the crisis to their sponsors.



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