The casting of the RN list for the European –


On Sunday, Marine Le Pen will present the first 12 candidates on the RN list to European Mutuality. Jordan Bardella, regional councilor of Ile-de-France and head of the list at the age of 23, will hold his first speech.

Everything was quick. The formalization of Jordan Bardella as head of the list of Rassemblement nationale aux Europes it would be held this Sunday during a "big convention" at Mutualité in Paris. Finally it took place at the beginning of the week.

Unless Marine Le Pen changes her mind at the last moment, the rest of the list becomes clearer. Hélène Laporte will be the number 2 behind Jordan Bardella, information revealed this morning from Europe 1 and confirmed by the conclusions. Regional Councilor RN of New Aquitaine, who entered the national office at the Congress in March 2018, this 40-year-old banking analyst is not part of history. "She is unknown to the battalion, but belongs to the Bilde-Briois-Chenu clan," says an old frontist, referring to three very close to Marine Le Pen. The opportunity for the President of the RN to highlight the idea of ​​"political rejuvenation".

Then come, in order: Thierry Mariani, the former minister LR joined the RN, number 3; Dominique Bilde, outgoing deputy, regional councilor of the Grand Est and mother of the deputy Bruno Bilde, in fourth position; Hervé Juvin, author essayist of the concept of "ecology of civilizations" put in the spotlight by Marine Le Pen for a few months, which will be the fifth; Joëlle Mélin, MEP and councilor of Aubagne, described as enthusiast of technical dossiers on health issues, in sixth position.

follow Nicolas BayMEP and co-chair of the ENL group in the European Parliament; Jean-Paul Garraudformer MP UMP and former magistrate who joined the RN with Thierry Mariani; Gilles Lebreton, the current deputy and head of the RN delegation in Strasbourg, at the origin of the new orientation of the party from the summer 2017 (change of name, priority to the national identity, concept of "Europe of the nations" ").

Among them there will be three candidates who, according to our information, are not outgoing deputies. One of them should be promoted as a representative of the overseas territories joined to the RN. "But at home, no woman imposes herself naturally," said a man of the old facade guard.

This first set of candidates should respect the rule promulgated by Marine Le Pen to support the idea of ​​a "rally": "One third of young people who leave, one third of those arriving, one third of the rallies". With 24.8% of the votes in the last elections of 2014, the National Front won 24 seats in the European Parliament. In the latest poll (Odoxa, 21 December), the RN is credited with 24% of voting intentions in May, ahead of the Republic in movement (19%), France unruly (11.5%) and Republicans (8 %). %).


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