The cat classified as an invasive species in Poland…and a predator kept under watch in Belgium

Elegant, playful, cuddly… Cat lovers have no shortage of praise to describe their favorite furry ball. However, under its touching looks, the feline would not be without danger for biodiversity. In Poland, a national scientific institute has even decided to classify it among the invasive alien species.

Next to the 1786 animals classified as invasive alien species in Poland, there is now… The Felis Catus. Understand: the domestic cat. Indeed, according to the Polish Academy of Sciences, the feline would represent a danger for birds as well as for other mammals. As for the adjectiveexotic“, the cat owes it to the place where it was domesticated 10,000 years ago: the ancient Middle East.

The cat corresponds 100% to the criteria of an invasive alien species

The cat corresponds 100% to the criteria of an invasive alien species”concludes Wojciech Solarz, the biologist behind this decision, to the Associated Press.

This decision caused a lot of talk in Poland, arousing many negative reactions. The scientist also had to defend himself and ensure that he did not want to harm the cats: the institute simply recommends that owners keep their pets indoors as much as possible during the bird breeding season. No more no less.

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