The Catholic Church – a grotesque cult of abuse

330.000 barn has been abused by 3,200 employees of the Catholic Church. Over 2,000 of them were priests.

The case that rolled out in the media Monday morning is beyond grotesque. The figures, obtained by an independent commission, are from the 1950s to the present, and therefore only apply in France alone. Unfortunately, one must well add, knowing that the Catholic Church is a worldwide church with over 1.2 billion members.

Two thirds of the European population is affiliated with the Catholic Church. Even in Norway, where Catholicism is relatively weak compared to southern Europe, there are 100,000 registered Catholics, and a double number if you count working immigrants.

Therefore, the numbers are mentioned above only the tip of the iceberg. And unfortunately, it’s not particularly shocking anymore either. The abuses in the Catholic Church were for a long time a suspicion the religious community had hanging over them, and since the late nineties, police authorities, private investigators and the media have uncovered huge amounts of abuses against children, by powerful people in the Catholic Church. Also in Norway. The dark numbers are all reason to believe that are massive.

The dangerous thing about figures as mentioned above, when they become so large, are that they become difficult to absorb. But when in France alone there are 330,000 children (for a limited period of time) who have been sexually abused by people in power in one specific denomination, only one country, it is really worth thinking a little about the extent. How many individual, lives are involved, which are laid in ruins.

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Pope Francis has condemned all abuses in the church, and pointed out that they have a special responsibility to protect children and vulnerable adults. But we are also not going back any further than his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who as recently as 2012 sent out an internal letter to the entire church, threatening that abusive warnings given to police authorities would lead to a ban on the church. Such threats, and especially from that edge, are relatively effective in those circles.

The care of the victims are thus something quite new there in the yard, and it only came when the serious crime was uncovered by external forces, and then it undeniably feels both false, clammy and disgusting.

It should too It is mentioned that it was the Catholic Church in France that itself set up the commission mentioned above, but it was as a result of a series of allegations and revelations of gross abuse in the press. Representatives of the church now say they “feel ashamed and disgusted” and ask for forgiveness from those affected.

Feeling ashamed and disgust is all well and good, but it should really only be missing, and is not something one should feel to applaud at all. Forgiveness is also something you must earn. Here the Catholic Church has a long way to go before they can expect to bring in anything more than even more shame and disgust – for themselves. The desire to clean up this, through both the judicial system, internal arrangements and compensation for the victims has also been completely absent in the church, until the evidence – worldwide – has forced them to seize.

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The abuse is not coincidences or something that has happened without the responsible authorities in the church themselves knowing about it. They have even been the problem itself, either as abusers themselves, or as responsible ones who over several generations have deliberately helped to hide and cover up for their own, rather than help the victims.

The church has been very reluctant to cooperate with police authorities and has rather wanted to “clean up internally”. A well-known move in this regard has been to relocate priests they have internally known have abused children, who have only done wrong worse, as the same perpetrators have been able to continue with their abuse crime in new environments, even blessed by their own, so to say.

This has moreover happened on a global basis. “Sexual Assault in the Catholic Church” has its own and comprehensive Wikipedia page. And it was in 35 different languages ​​the last time I checked. We are thus guaranteed to talk about millions of sexually abused children worldwide. How far back in time this has unfolded is something one only gets disgusted by speculating in. The Commission in France has recovered 70 years in time. The Catholic Church has been a powerhouse for almost 2,000 years.

What this The “culture” (in the absence of a much worse word, which could hardly have been published) is due, I personally think, to be less interesting, although it often needs to be researched. The requirements for celibacy are often mentioned. Same with the lack of women in the corridors of power. In this context, however, it is extremely irrelevant.

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Adults like abusing physical, symbolic and religious power to sexually assault children knows, of course, that what they are doing is both criminally and morally reprehensible. In a crazy way, therefore, these hideous revelations are even worse than dark nooks and crannies on the internet that are doing the same thing.

When a global Extensive and superpowered denominations, which have had iron grip on both political and economic power in countries around the world, in practice, and with full intent, have been a perverted free state for abusers, it is the organization itself that is something to be proud of.

A huge monument next to St. Peter’s Basilica – which symbolizes disgust, shame and remorse – could have been a fitting start. Massive financial compensation for victims and their relatives a timely follow-up. Secondly, the perpetrators who are still alive must be brought to justice and convicted. The Catholic Church deserves neither respect nor forgiveness. They have a long way to go before they are there.


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