The causes of Petro’s resounding defeat in Colombia’s local elections

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It was a resounding defeat. Despite losing in the big cities and in almost the entire country, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, did not recognize his failure this Monday. On the social network

He omitted that the Historical Pact He only conquered two of 32 departments alone. Nariño, bordering Ecuador, and the Caribbean Magdalena gave him a break on the fateful Sunday night. The rest of the town councils were achieved in alliance with different parties, not all of them left-wing.

In Bogotawhere Petro He was mayor, he received a hard blow. His candidate was relegated to third place.

“There is its own territorial dynamic where the perception of the national government has little influence and where the political machines have more influence. However, it is very significant that in key places like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena o Barranquilla Not only have people outside their political group been elected, but they have clearly expressed their rejection and opposition to the Government,” analyst Gabriel Cifuentes explains to EL MUNDO. “The causes? There’s a little bit of everything. Misgovernance, insecurity, lack of dialogue, frustrated expectations and a series of scandals that cracked the promise of change,” he adds.

In the capital, the centrist Carlos Fernando Galán won, who at 49 years old was running for the third time and did so with Nuevo Liberalismo, the political formation of his father, Luis Carlos Galán, murdered in 1989 and favorite in those elections. The assassination elevated his figure to the altars, and his son always wanted to take up his witness.

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