The CCAA cry out against the debt relief agreed upon by the PSOE and ERC: "What Catalonia does not pay, we all pay"

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The confirmation that Pedro Sánchez has agreed to forgive 15,000 million euros of debt to Catalonia, to which another 1,300 million in interest are added, has unleashed a cascade of reactions in the territories that consider it a comparative grievance, including two of the three communities in which the PSOE governs. The measure was within the package of demands that ERC had posed in exchange for its votes for the investiture of the candidate for re-election, a support that was definitively sealed this Thursday.

“On the debt I have been very clear before any agreement emerged: I ask for equal treatment. I asked for it then, I ask for it now and I will ask for it in the future when I have to raise it with the Government of Spain,” warned the president of Asturiasthe socialist Adrian Barbónwho is not exactly characterized by lavishing public criticism against the decisions adopted by his party.

From Castilla la ManchaIn turn, it has been maintained for some time that the negotiation of the new financing model cannot be bilateral only with Catalonia. It will be in a public event that will be held this Friday in Ciudad Real when Emiliano García-Pagealso from the PSOE, will speak “clearly” on this issue.

In the Government of Navarraat whose head is the socialist Maria Chivite, have chosen not to comment – at least for now – on the matter. In contrast, in the majority of autonomous communities under the acronym of the PP they have come out in force to censure a concession to the Catalan independence movement that is added to that of the amnesty for those involved in the illegal 1-O referendum.

“After the moral humiliation, Sánchez seeks economic and Andalusia says no,” said the Andalusian president, Juanma Morenothrough a thread rich in details from his official X account. “Andalusia is well managed and does not need debt forgiveness. Therefore, it claims: 17.8 billion, equivalent by population to Sánchez’s transfer to ERC and Junts , and a compensation fund that allows us to recover the 15,000 million that Andalusia has lost with the current regional financing system,” he added.

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