the cdH opposes the reimbursement

Some 12,000 small independents – who mistakenly received Covid aid of 3,500 euros instead of the 3,250 euros initially planned – recently received a message from the Walloon Region calling on them to reimburse the difference. Nonsense, according to the cdH which tried, in vain, to modify the agenda of the plenary session of this Wednesday so that a proposal for a decree on the subject is examined urgently.

“The Region must take responsibility for its error”

For Wallonia, the 3,500 euros have in any case been disbursed. Coming today to claim this amount from small independents, it’s really petty“, explained the group leader of the humanists in the regional parliament, François Desquesnes.

The Region must accept its mistake. Especially since it is a junk in its budget while for the independents concerned, it can be important“, he added.

An error does not matter“, replied the group leader of the MR in the Walloon parliament, Jean-Paul Wahl.”There is indeed a clerical error, but there is no budgetary basis for your request. It’s purely populist“, he estimated.

The humanists’ request to change the agenda for today’s plenary was ultimately rejected. The proposed decree could however be taken into consideration at the next plenary session, in 15 days, then follow the traditional decree route, with a review in committee before a return to plenary, which would however take several additional weeks.

To escape it, “we could also hope that the Walloon Minister of the Economy, Mr. R. Willy Borsus, decides to put an end to this ubiquitous machine and reconsiders the decision to demand this reimbursement“, concluded François Desquesnes.

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