the center of Bahía Blanca and its colors before the storm

According to the weather forecast and the alert issued this morning by the National Meteorological Service, Bahía Blanca will pass through different weather conditions today.

While in the early hours of the day and noon it was experienced with sun and high temperatures, for the afternoon and evening storms are expected to develop, with abundant water fall, possible presence of hail, strong winds and electrical activity.

How do Bahia residents go through the outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe?

On the sidelines, on the fourth Sunday in November, 26 new coronavirus infections were reported in the city, the lowest number in the last two months.

Bahia thus reached 8,431 cases since the pandemic began, back in March.

We recall that since last Monday the permits to carry out five activities were extended.

It deals with the operation of gastronomy in closed places, gyms, group sports, construction works in its entirety and domestic service.

Meanwhile, from tomorrow the tenth edition of the “Gastronomy Week” will begin in our city, an event whose objective is to disseminate the cuisine, promote the establishments and encourage updates in one of the sectors most affected by the quarantine imposed for the COVID-19 pandemic.


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