The central bank of the Russian Federation has decided the dollar and the euro tariffs for the weekend


The Bank of Russia has raised since November 10 (for the weekend and Monday, November 12) the official exchange rate of the US dollar of 63.5 kopeck to 66.8497 rubles. In this case, the single European currency added almost 14 kopecks and from tomorrow its rate will be 75.8076 rubles.

As noted by Anna Bodrova, senior analyst at Alpari, "the Russian ruble remains in a weak position on Friday". "This is quite natural given the external background and the clouds that you encounter on the foreign exchange market," said the expert in a review.

In his opinion, "the commodity market is ready to update the August lows as soon as the opportunity presents itself". "On the one hand, for the" black gold ", the last strengthening of the US dollar and the dollar index is negative, while on the other hand, as has been said previously, all the fundamental news coming are only minor for the market The barrel Brent rises by 0.1% and costs $ 70.73. The technical framework allows the possibility to continue in the region from $ 65, especially as a strong support at about $ 70.50 has already been successfully attacked today ", says Bodrova.

According to her, "for the ruble and the Russian economy in its pure form, the new US sanctions against Crimea and the individual companies located there are limited". "This is another step towards the global deterioration of the Russian commercial reputation on the world stage and the complications of potential financial conditions, but the new measures are just a brick in the great wall of sanctions," believes the analyst.


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