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In response to requests from the field and industry The Central Bank simplific requirements of access to dollars so as not to affect the import of productive

The Central Bank decided on Thursday to simplify the requirements set for businesses to access the Single Market and Free Changes (MULC), where they pursue the buying and selling of dollar wholesale, so as not to affect the import of goods critical or intermediate used in the production of final goods in the country.

The measure includes the increase of the amount of direct access to the MULC for small and medium-sized enterprises, less strict conditions on the holding of dollars deposited on the exterior and a via-free import of inputs for the field, and medicinal, among others, reported today the monetary authority in a press release.

The decision was adopted at the board meeting of the BCRA of this Thursday afternoon in response to the orders passed during the last days representatives of the field and of the industry, after the changes implemented for the acquisition of dollars through the circular 7030, at the end of may.

They stated both sectors, the new requirements made it difficult to import goods indispensable to the productive activity.

For this reason, the Central Bank decided to raise US$ 250,000 to US$ 1 million to the free direct access to the MULC for the advance payment of imports.

“This measure has a clear sense of facilitating imports to smes,” said the BCRA.

In addition, it was decided to leave outside the concept of Formation of External Assets liquid a balance of free availability by$ 100,000, as well as the reserve funds or guarantee indebtedness or operations abroad, which could not be liquidated.

Not enter into this rating balances that arise from the collection of exports of goods and/or services for which you have not passed the period of five business days from your perception.

This Monday, the Central Bank president, Miguel Pesce, and his vice-president, Sergio Woyecheszen, held a meeting with the main leaders of the Table of Link Farming -Federación Agraria Argentina (FAA), Confederations Rurales Argentinas (CRA), Coninagro and the Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA)-, in which they asked especially not having to face an additional cost in the purchase of inputs.

In response, the Central decided that the importers of fertilizer and other inputs medicinal medicines (finished and raw materials for their production) may be the MULC without requiring a prior authorization for the payment of obligations applicable to future imports you do.

Finally, we determined that you shall be deemed to be from may 1, 2020 90 calendar days prior without performing in-country sales of securities with settlement in foreign currency or transfers to depositaries outside.

This set of measures seeks to mitigate the effects of the circular 7030, issued may 28, prohibits the purchase of dollar wholesaler companies that have dollars in cash or deposited in the outside, as well as those who have carried out transactions of purchase and sale of dollars through the stock market (cash-settled and dollar MEP) in the last 90 days.

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