The CGJJ asks the State and the Generalitat to protect the judges and their families from attacks by the CDR


The Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Magistracy (CGPJ) has invited the Spanish Government and the Generalitat to protect the judges and their families from attacks, insults and corporations of "groups that identify themselves with known names and acronyms", with reference to at the CDR and in Arran. The judges demand that a plan be adopted to protect the professionals of the judiciary after the appearance in various courts of Catalonia of feces and graffiti, "which essentially included messages of insulting and threatening hatred".

In a statement released this Friday afternoon, the CGJJ ensures that it sees "an intense and growing concern as they reproduce in Catalonia and attacks on judges, their families and judicial structures are multiplied". The permanent commission of the judicial body condemned in November the painting in the house of judges Pablo Llarena and Gema Espinosa.

The text denounces "criminal conduct" and expresses the concern of the judges for the fact that these actions are ovacionadas, according to the CGPJ, "by some high representative of the Catalan institutions". The Permanent Commission asks the Attorney General's Office for an investigation into the facts and the Minister of the Interior and the director of the branch, a complete plan to protect the judges.


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