The Chamber calls on the Government to unify criteria to request the return of the expenses of constitution of mortgages

The Parliament of Galicia has approved an initiative that urges the central government to unify the criteria for requesting the expenses of constitution of mortgages and that it is set in five years from the completion or cancellation of the loan in the property registry .

The non-law proposal presented by the Parliamentary Group of the PPdeG has gone ahead in the 6th Commission of Industry, Energy, Commerce and Tourism with the only votes of the popular, sufficient given the absolute majority they hold in the Chamber. The Socialists abstained while the BNG voted against.

Specifically, the initiative, defended by the deputy Cristina Sanz, urges the Xunta to question the central government so that a single criterion is set for the time available to request the reimbursement of these expenses by virtue of the judicial decisions.

The last of them consists of a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union issued last July in which it is established that, in the event that these expenses are considered “abusive”, the financial institution will be obliged to restore them.

Thus, the PPdeG considers that the central Administration must unify criteria to avoid that the time frame varies depending on the decisions of each court to which consumer complaints arrive. For the popular, the maximum term should be five years from the termination or cancellation of the mortgage before the property registry.

This is how deputy Cristina Sanz has put it, who has emphasized that it is a “controversial issue” for which “there is no clear criterion” that, in her opinion, should come from the central government to provide “legal certainty “to the consumers of these financial products.

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