The chaos 24 hours after Montse Tomé’s first list: without players, without coaching staff…

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Last August 25thfive days after non-consensual kiss from Luis Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso, 81 footballersactive and retired, announced, literally or symbolically, that They resigned from the Spanish soccer team. “All the players who sign this document They will not return to a call if the current leaders continue“, they stated in the joint statement.

20 days lateralmost everything, but nothing, has changed in the Federation. Rubiales He has resigned, Jorge Vilda has been fired and Montse Tomé, until August assistant coach, is now the new coach of the national team. But the highest organization of Spanish football has still not finalized the new organization chart for its women’s football and the players still do not really believe the changes. Everything, as if that were not enough, 24 hours of Tomé’s first listvalid for the meetings of the League of Nations of this month of September (the 22nd against Sweden in Göteborg and the 26th against Switzerland in Córdoba). A tournament that distributes two places for the next Olympic Games in Paris.

Maximum sporting pressure at a time of maximum social pressure. The backbone of the world champion team continues to think about its situation. They promised not to return until Rubiales and Vilda left, but the solution that the RFEF has offered them does not convince them: vice president of the manager and assistant coach. They want to be in the Games, just as they wanted to win the World Cup, but they consider whether it is worth continuing to fight for more improvements. In the last days, Ana Alvarezdirector of Women’s Football of the Federation, has held various conversations with the locker room representatives to try to convince them to return, but the situation in Las Rozas it is still not clear.

This Friday Tomé, for whom the duration of her contract as coach is unknown, will give a list of which she does not yet know the available players nor has the RFEF announced the coaching staff that will be at her disposal. There is no sports director of the women’s section of the Federation, which until now was Vilda’s position, it is not known whether the coaches and trainers who resigned at the end of August will return to their positions. Most of them finished their contract this year, so the situation is totally unpredictable.

Pedro Rochaconvinced of changing the image of Spanish football before it completely affects the Iberian bid for the 2030 World Cup, has personally tried to deal with the players and explain the structural changes he has planned for the RFEF, but has not received an automatic response. .

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