The charges and the first arrests begin in a new night of tension in Ferraz

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Nails 1.500 personas, According to the Government Delegation, they continue this Saturday night concentrated in the vicinity of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid. Ferraz street against the amnesty law, in what is the sixteenth day of protests.

The National Police has begun to charge the most radical hooded protesters who were in the front row, after they have begun to kick and overturn the fences that protected the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz.

The police have communicated ten warnings before loading and, finally, a few protesters have been arrested or taken to security forces and bodies.

At around 10:30 p.m., the protesters began to tear down all the security fencing, while the police presence has grown with three or four lines of police armed with shields.

In addition, some members of the security forces have come to speak with the group of violent people to try to calm the situation and stop the tension, since the distance with the security forces was increasingly closer.

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