The charity runner admits to hitchhiking during the epic New Zealand challenge – ITV News


A long distance runner greeted for jogging the length of New Zealand in record time has now admitted driving part of the route.

Sixty-three Perry Newburn claimed to have traveled the 1,800-mile journey in 18 days and eight hours – powered by hash browns and chocolate milkshakes.

This averaged nearly three marathons a day.

But Mr. Newburn admitted that he was driven to parts of the path where the road / track was deemed unsafe.

The runner, whose race ended in a town called appropriately Bluff, now says he will not claim the record "for some obvious reasons".

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He did it! 18 days 8 hours and 42 minutes for 2113 from Cape Reinga to Bluff! # lengthofnzrun2018

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He wrote: "Now that I have returned home and the brain has begun to free itself from fog and fatigue, I have been able to think and reflect on the flight.

"First of all I'm not going to claim the record for some obvious reasons: there were parts of the race where the conditions of the road / bridge were totally unsafe to travel and so I made the call to be driven through these parts – these decisions were my decisions.

"Traffic was the main culprit in these situations, but there were some parts where road conditions were not safe and so the process took place."

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Newburn also cited stormy conditions and sleep deprivation as problems he had during the race.

The purpose of the race was to raise money for a charity for autism, Newburn said.

To date, more than 7,000 New Zealand dollars (£ 3,800) have been promised by around 200 people.