The cheapest motorhome costs CZK 250,000. It has an ingenious space solution

How do you turn a semi-utility car into a full-fledged motorhome with solar panels, air conditioning, a stove and a shower just like your home?

Spanish developer Yevana presented a residential extension to the popular Dacia Dokker. And he showed that he really has an eye for detail. To relatively compact body managed to get a full size double bed, a kitchen with a sink, a shower and a refrigerator and a 32-liter tank for clean water. The solution of the interior itself, including storage spaces and wooden cladding, will also excite. Is this the uncomfortable, semi-utilitarian Dokker? Read on, the sexiest Dacia is here.

Ingenious solution of every centimeter

If you watch the video attached below, you will be surprised by the unique solution of every piece of free space, including those in the doors or in the ceiling. The variability of the interior must excite anyone who thinks about traveling for two with all the comfort and doesn’t want to invest into expensive, large motorhomes. In addition, the Dokker is perfectly inconspicuous and you won’t be annoying when parking at night, etc. – it’s still an ordinary passenger car. That is, with an extraordinary interior.

iPhoto source: Yevana

Compared to the built-ins available on the Czech market, this is not just a plug-in module with a stove, the entire Dokker has undergone a rebuild, including solar power on the roof, electricity distribution with a 100 Ah battery/600 W inverter and air conditioning/heating located directly under the roof. The real shower, the same one you have at home, is also original. And when it’s time to sleep, the perfect double bed is created with the elegance known from the Multivan. In short, Dokker for two, as it should be.

iPhoto source: Yevana

And not just for two. The modder managed to keep the rear double seat, so during the week Dokker can send the children around or take grandma to the cat show, on the weekend the kids stay with grandma and a romantic trip for two is free. Alternatively, if it’s warm outside and two sleep outside, this is ideal caravan and for the family. The entire modification costs almost 250,000 CZK, with your own (or used) Dokker, few offers will be more advantageous. And better at the same time.

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