The Chelsea midfield dilemma N & # 39; Golo Kante explained: The Telegraph


Ssometimes certain styles of players do not adapt to the tactical needs of their manager. Gary Lineker left Barcelona because Johan Cruyff used it on the band, Pep Guardiola could not use Zlatan Ibrahimovic and now, with Maurizio Sarri questioning the technical skills of N & Gano Kante, we could have another example of high profile.

Kante is one of the best players in the world and his World Cup medal and two Premier League titles should somehow support this claim. In Chelsea of ​​Sarri, it does not seem.


How Sarri's trequartista should work

Sarri-ball is the name and 4-3-3 is the game. Chelsea are always in the 4-3-3, built as a 4-1-2-3 with wide inside and overlapping full-backs. The defensive line is high to allow Chelsea to stifle their opponents, counter-press close to the opponent's goal and the odds are created through quick transitions and passages with a touch in the last third.

Jorginho is central throughout and acts as a pivot, keeping the court in position between the central defenders and attacking the central midfielders – something that rival teams have understood and who have faced attacking a man counter on him, or having designated individuals who mark him in a zone system (if it is close to the attacker, the attacker follows, if it is closer to 10, the 10 follows).



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