The child's "simple cold" turns out to be a life-threatening heart condition


A terrified mother talked about seeing her child fighting for her life after a seemingly simple cold turned out to be a rare heart infection.

Chloe Lavan, 24, experienced every parent's worst nightmare when Evie's four-month cardiac function plummeted to only three percent.

Fortunately, she has since made a recovery and been allowed to return home with Chloe, father David Green and Theodore, her one year old brother.

Traumatized by the experience, Chloe has now started an ambitious fundraising campaign to reward Newcastle's "fantastic" Freeman Hospital, in particular the Children 's Heart Unit.

Chloe took Evie to the doctor when she developed cold-like symptoms early in the cold season.

Evie was only four months old when she became seriously ill

Middlesbrough's mom said that Live chronicle : "You can never be too careful. But they just said it was a viral infection."

But when Evie's symptoms continued to worsen, she was eventually diagnosed with bronchiolitis, a common respiratory tract infection that affects infants and children under the age of two.

The family spent the following days in and out of the hospital when the child became breathless and pale, while also suffering from coughing and cold hands and feet.

Chloe said: "We made an emergency appointment with a doctor who immediately called an ambulance because of his breathing.

"This could have saved her life, scares me to think what could have happened if she hadn't done it."

Parents Chloe and David initially thought the tot had a harmless case of sniffles

Evie went to the James Cook Hospital, in Middlesbrough, where a scan showed that he had an enlarged heart.

She was immediately transferred to the Freeman hospital for urgent care by specialists.

Evie was therefore diagnosed with myocarditis, a condition triggered by viral infections that, in severe cases, can cause heart failure.

Her condition deteriorated rapidly before she was diagnosed with myocarditis

Chloe said: "I had never heard of it in my life and I think it is something that parents are not really aware of.

"I also have a child and he has always had coughs and colds, but we never thought it could ever happen.

"Fortunately it is going so well with the medicines that it has been discharged, but this is not the end of the road.

"We will still have to go back weekly to see if there is any improvement and will either be in care for life or will need a heart transplant.

"It's very worrying, but we can't believe how well he did considering how bad his heart is – at one point it was three percent that it's pretty dangerous."

Since then she has been given the green light to go home with her parents and her brother Theodore

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Speaking of his fundraising efforts for the Freeman hospital, he added: "My main goal is to raise funds for a fantastic department that does such wonderful things with children and I am so grateful for all they have done and will continue to do for my daughter.

"I want to raise funds to help get more money and more awareness in that kind of area, because I had no idea how many children have heart problems."

Donations can be made to the crowdfunding effort Here



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