The Chinese men’s volleyball team defeated the Japanese team and regained the Asian Cup title

The Chinese men’s volleyball team defeated the Japanese team to regain the Asian Cup championship. The two Xiaoshan athletes are waiting for you at the Asian Games at the door of the house.

Xiaoshan DailyOn the evening of the 14th, in the 2022 Men’s Volleyball Asian Cup final, the Chinese men’s volleyball team defeated the Japanese team 3:0 to win the championship. The athletes Li Yongzhen and Wang Bin, who were sent by the district sports school, fought side by side with their teammates and worked hard to help the Chinese men’s volleyball team return to the top of Asia after a lapse of ten years.

It is reported that this year’s 2022 Men’s Volleyball Asian Cup held in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand and the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup held in Pasi City, Philippines, will be the last volleyball Asian Cup events. Starting from 2023, the event will be renamed and held every two years to an annual one, so this match is the last match of the men’s volleyball Asian Cup. The last time the Chinese men’s volleyball team won the Asian Cup was in 2012, when the Chinese men’s volleyball team defeated the Iranian men’s volleyball team 3:1 in the final, winning the first Asian Cup volleyball championship.

Both Xiaoshan athletes performed well in this event. Li Yongzhen, who has been plagued by injuries, has not fully recovered from his foot injury, but with his good blocking ability and excellent physical explosiveness, he has amazing performances in the game from time to time. The playing time dared to fight and dare to fight, left a deep impression on everyone.

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Li Yongzhen, born in 1998, a native of Liaoning, entered the District Junior Sports School in 2010. Wang Bin, born in 2001, is a native of Dangwan, Xiaoshan, and entered the District Junior Sports School in 2012. Zhang Jinlong, the volleyball coach of the District Junior Sports School, introduced that the two children are in very good physical condition, and the training is also very hard, and they have a great momentum. Their goal is to play volleyball well and win glory for the country.

The 24-year-old Li Yongzhen is now the main secondary attacker of the national team. He performed well in this year’s World Men’s Volleyball League, ranking sixth in the individual technical statistics of blocking. He is handsome and has many fans outside the venue. He is the first volleyball player to be trained and sent to the national training team by the District Junior Sports School.

“Post-01” teenager Wang Bin is the new main attacker of the Chinese men’s volleyball team. Although he has not participated in the National Men’s Volleyball League, he was selected for the national team in August this year and won the Asian Cup with the team. As the youngest member of the national team, he performed extremely calmly in the game. Even the national team coach Wu Sheng said: “He has this condition, and now he is going to give him a chance to compete.” This young and mature Xiaoshan guy, I believe that after the competition tempered, the future will bring us more surprises.

Every achievement is inseparable from the watering of sweat, and the realization of every dream is inseparable from persistent efforts. After the Asian Cup, Li Yongzhen and Wang Bin returned to Serbia for training in preparation for the World Championships to start at the end of August. Next year, they will stand on the stage of the Asian Games and win glory for the country and Xiaoshan at their doorstep.

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Source: Xiaoshan Daily Author: reporter Yu Haibo, correspondent Wang Fangzheng Editor: Zheng Haiyun

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