The Chinese women’s football team successfully arrived in Mumbai to start the first training of the Asian Cup on the evening of the 17th_Delegation_Participation_Team

Original title: The Chinese women’s football team successfully arrived in Mumbai to start the first training of the Asian Cup on the evening of the 17th

After a long-distance flight of more than 8 hours, China Eastern Airlines flight MU7117, carrying a 43-member Chinese women’s football delegation, landed in Mumbai, India at 6:45 a.m. local time on January 16 (9:15 a.m. Beijing time). . It is understood that after arriving at the destination, the entire team immediately received a nucleic acid test at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, and then the entire team was escorted by a police car and drove to the resident hotel. The Chinese women’s football team officially started the new Asian Cup and the 2023 Women’s World Cup Asian qualifying tour in the “risk of the epidemic”.

After more than a month of closed preparations at the Shanghai Oriental Oasis Football Base, 23 Chinese women’s football players left the station on the evening of January 15, led by the new coach Shui Qingxia. According to the plan, the 43-member Chinese women’s football delegation should take a charter flight of China Eastern Airlines that took off at 11:50 p.m. Beijing time on the 15th from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and fly to Mumbai, India. However, due to objective factors, the plane did not take off until 0:55 am Beijing time on the 16th.

After more than 8 hours of long-distance flight, the flight carrying the Chinese women’s football delegation arrived in Mumbai at 6:45 am local time on the 16th and 9:15 Beijing time.

In fact, due to the expansion of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the AFC has accumulated “6+2” tickets to the World Cup. In addition, the North Korean team, as a traditional strong team in Asian women’s football, cannot compete. Therefore, normally, as the third runner-up in the last Asian Cup, there is no obstacle for the Chinese women’s football team to qualify for the World Cup through this event. But if you want to qualify, you have to participate in the current Asian Cup as a world preliminaries. Under the severe epidemic situation in India, the biggest challenge of the Chinese team’s visit this time actually comes from the epidemic.

It is understood that after the Chinese women’s football team arrived in Mumbai, they immediately underwent nucleic acid testing at the airport as required. Then the whole team went to the resident hotel by car according to the “bubble-type closed-loop epidemic prevention” specification.

It is understood that although the hotel where the Chinese women’s football team is stationed is designated by the AFC and is “co-located” with the other three teams in the same group, in order to ensure that the epidemic prevention work is foolproof, the AFC will make a plan for each team based on the number of participants registered by each team’s delegation. Set up a separate living area. The Chinese women’s football delegation will be stationed in three separate floors of the hotel. Just like the Chinese men’s football team’s expedition to the World Preliminaries, the Chinese women’s football team also “enjoyed” the hotel’s exclusive access channel in the resident hotel, and the team also brought a nutritionist to the expedition. In addition, while in India, each member of the delegation will stay in a separate room.

Since the participating teams must pass the nucleic acid test after entering the country and accept a certain period of independent observation before they can go out of their respective rooms. In this case, the team cannot participate in outdoor training on the 16th. The first practice is expected to be scheduled for the evening of the 17th local time.

Compared to the country, the temperature in Mumbai is significantly higher. Recently, the local daytime high temperature has reached above 30 degrees Celsius, while the evening low temperature has been around 22 degrees. Therefore, the outdoor activities of the Chinese team during the local period will basically be arranged in the afternoon and evening. To ensure safety, the entire team will not act alone during their stay in India.

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