News The cholas of Chalco. So looks like a member...

The cholas of Chalco. So looks like a member after the viral video

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Mexico city / 25.06.2020 13:22:36

Thanks to the social networks have become viral several images, as well as videos that you get to meet people who by their actions or funny comments remain in the memory of many. This is the case of a video of a report that was done on a group of cholas it became a sensation 10 years ago and that made famous the phrase “the goggles back mean that I endorse my neighborhood”.

Do you remember this video? The young people were part of the gang Reyes southern 12 Chalco Union of Guadeloupe, a grouping belonging to the municipality of Valle de Chalco in the State of Mexico. After conducting an interview with the group of women, in which they talked about their dress code and the significance of the glasses on his head, gave to know.

“The glasses here (eyes) mean sadness, the glasses here (in the head), a neighborhood heavy and the agafas back (at the back of the head) means that my district supports me,” said one of them.

And in a decade that this video became viral, as well as the memorable phrase of the glasses, the youtuber Yulay shared this 2020 a video in which he talked with one of the members of this group of cholas.

Karla, a member of the now extinct group Reyes southern 12 Chalco Union of Guadeloupementioned that the gang disintegrated after a short time of getting to know thanks to the video.

“All desaparecimos, some are married, others are not here, only remained the remembrance. A few threw themselves to the addiction, the southerners are doing good luck on the other side,” said Karla.

The interview he had with the youtuber took place in the wall that contained badges that identified them to the gang, in this place also recorded the story that made them viral.

“This is what was left of the kings southerners, the number 13 comes from the united States, is a street where we identified,” said the woman.




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