the choreographer guadeloupean Raymonde Pater Torin, dance to the

The Choreographer continues his work of diffusion of the cultural heritage world. In particular, with the book “An nou apwan rantré e danced unto you wond a léwoz”. A book that wants to be initiatory and pedagogical.

updated on June 21, 2020 at 09h23

The name Raymonde Pater Torin is intimately related to the dance and the Gwo-Ka in particular. It describes itself as “a fiftieth anniversary active, loving Guadeloupe and who wants to contribute to the well-being of the people of his country.” The one that has become a fixture in the artistic community in Guadeloupe is not only a dancer and choreographer, but also courier of traditions for all those who want to learn and live a culture of singular artistic and authentic.

To share their culture

Share with the other culture is its motto. A message that is expressed with this book, the result of a long journey, from stage to education.

“It really is magic. It is beyond my expectations.” Raymonde Pater Torin

His book is a real education program which will have three volumes and is addressed to all. In creole and French.

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