The Chosun Ilbo “TV Chosun overwhelmingly ranked first in 10 years of full-length episodes”

The Chosun Ilbo, accused of manipulating paid collateral, criticized the government’s new government advertisement indicators as “tame the media with advertisements.” On the 1st, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that it would stop using the ABC Association’s paid ancillary policies and use indicators such as avid reading rate and reliability to run government advertisements. In response, Chosun Ilbo reported, “From 2022 onwards, advertisements can be executed at the discretion of the government regardless of the newspaper reading rate, and it is advantageous if an editorial committee specified in the Newspaper Act is set up as an autonomous clause in the Newspaper Act to receive government advertisements.”

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In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the launch of the comprehensive programming channel, the Chosun Ilbo published a self-congratulatory article titled ‘TV Chosun 10 Years’. The Chosun Ilbo said, “TV Chosun has now become the first full-length channel in name and reality after 10 years of establishment, based on the triangular axis of entertainment broadcasts enjoyed by men and women of all ages, reports that do not compromise with power, and popular dramas.” Trot, which aired on the same day, had a viewer rating of 35.7%, which is the highest rating ever for a variety show including terrestrial TV since its launch in 2011.” The Chosun Ilbo highlighted only the industrial success, but did not mention the fact that half of TV Chosun’s liberal arts programs were health and living information or documentaries were organized in the early morning hours, which showed limitations in terms of ‘diversity of public opinion’.

[관련기사 : 건강프로 휴먼다큐 넘쳐난 종편 10년의 그늘]
[관련기사 : 종편 10년 ‘종일편파’에서 ‘트로트 열풍’까지]
[관련기사 : 종합편성채널, 10년간의 ‘TV전쟁’]
[관련기사 : 조‧중‧동 신방복합체, 10년의 불편한 진실]

Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential candidate for the People’s Strength, has been outspoken about his anti-labor actions. Following the argument that even the minimum wage guaranteed by the Constitution and the 52-hour workweek, which already includes overtime, are unrealistic, he said on the 1st that “The Serious Accident Punishment Act weakens the will of businessmen to manage.” Accordingly, the Hankyoreh and Kyunghyang Shinmun interpreted that they indirectly expressed their intention to improve the Serious Disaster Punishment Act through the revision of the enforcement ordinance. The Hankyoreh also noted that candidate Yoon remarked that “inheritance tax relief is necessary for business continuity.”

▲ The Chosun Ilbo, Kyunghyang Shinmun, Kookmin Ilbo, and Hankook Ilbo used the word ‘break through’ in the headline of the article, which was pointed out as an inappropriate expression related to infectious diseases. Two-day morning newspaper front page collection

Chosun accused of manipulating paid collateral, dissatisfied with new standard for government advertising

The Chosun Ilbo said, “On the basis of the government instead of the market… In the article titled “It is possible to drive 1 trillion advertisements per year to pro-female media,” the article said, “Through the government advertisement system reform announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the purpose of advertising is to reflect not only the influence of the media but also how well media companies are fulfilling their so-called social responsibilities. “However, controversy is being raised over the effectiveness of the new indicators and the rate of reflection for each item that can be increased or decreased like a rubber band.”

The Chosun Ilbo said, “It is common sense for the government or businesses to advertise in the media viewed by as many people as possible in order to increase publicity effectiveness, but the government has provided advertising indicators that are irrelevant to this. The number of cases of ex officio mediation and correction recommendations by the arbitration committee, the participation of the media autonomous review body, the number of cautions and warnings received from the autonomous review body, and the establishment and operation of the editorial and reader committee were decided to be indicators.”

▲ Article on page 8 of the Chosun Ilbo on the 2nd
▲ Article on page 8 of the Chosun Ilbo on the 2nd

The main reason is that the new government advertisement indicator was revealed in an investigation by the ABC Association for manipulation by the Chosun Ilbo. However, the Chosun Ilbo said, “Actually, the government advertisements that have been issued were not in proportion to the ABC Association’s incidental survey data or reading rate.” Although it was certified for 2953 copies, the newspaper that received the most orders from the government last year was the Dong-A Ilbo.

Chosun “TV Chosun beats terrestrial TV”

The Chosun Ilbo evaluated that TV Chosun was “leading trends such as trot and golf” in the case of entertainment, “reliability” in the case of news, and “reborn as a drama restaurant” in the case of news, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of its launch on December 1, 2011. did. TV Chosun is a broadcasting company founded by the Chosun Ilbo.

▲ 2nd day Chosun Ilbo Culture page article
▲ 2nd day Chosun Ilbo Culture page article

After listing trot programs such as ‘Tomorrow is Mr. Trot’, the Chosun Ilbo reported that it was “first place in all terrestrial and general programs” and that “the secret is ‘family’.” He also said, “The golf entertainment ‘Golf King’, which first aired in May, was praised as one of the most popular golf entertainment shows.” In the article “It also beat terrestrial TV channels,” he said, “TV Chosun’s annual average viewership rating of 2.71% last year was the highest ever for a full-length drama,” he said.

Regarding news, he said, “Even though the viewership ratings on the main news at the beginning of the country’s opening were less than 1%, it increased its influence with reports of ex-Prosecutor General Chae Dong-wook being out of wedlock in 2013, suspicions about the establishment of the Mir Cultural Foundation in 2016, and a special report on Choi Soon-sil’s National Nongdan. · In the research review conducted broadcasting company reliability survey, TV Chosun ranked first with 19%, including terrestrial and general TV channels.”

In the case of the drama, he said, “I finally showed my potential in the drama sector through ‘Marriage Lyricist, Divorce Composition 2’ this year. .

In the opinion page ‘Everythingsang’ column “10 Years of Endgame”, “The person who made KBS the government’s trumpeter takes the chairmanship of the Korea Communications Standards Commission, and in a situation where Seoul’s traffic broadcasting is blatantly biased towards politics, viewers are asking, ‘If there was no endgame, where would the government criticize? Can you hear your voice?'” and “If it wasn’t for the actual finale, at least the TV show would have buried the suspicion of Daejangdong.”

▲ Two-day Hankyoreh cartoon
▲ Two-day Hankyoreh cartoon

Yoon Seok-yeol continues his anti-labor movement

The Kyunghyang Shinmun and the Hankyoreh reported that candidate Yoon’s law on the punishment of serious disasters “is a law that gives a strong message that weakens the will of business people to manage.” One statement was heavily reported.

The Kyunghyang Shinmun reported, “They argued that the Corporate Punishment Act for Serious Accidents puts a burden on business operations and indirectly expressed their intention to rectify it through the revision of the Enforcement Decree.” Criticism is growing.”

The Hankyoreh also said, “Although he mentioned ‘guaranteeing workers’ safety,’ it was a statement that focused on the fact that the Act on the Punishment of Serious Accidents was a law that was an obstacle to management. However, businesses with fewer than 5 employees are not eligible for this.” The Hankyoreh said, “The enforcement ordinance stipulates that even if three or more cases of cerebrovascular disease (overwork) or occupational cancer occur within a year due to the same harmful factors, it is not considered a serious accident. It will be implemented, but Candidate Yoon said that he would even fix this.”

▲ 2nd day Hankyoreh politics
▲ 2nd day Hankyoreh politics

The Hankyoreh also pointed out the claim to ease the inheritance tax, saying that candidate Yoon revealed his true nature as a pro-business.

At a business meeting held at the North Chungcheong Chamber of Commerce in Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do on the 1st, Candidate Yoon said, “It’s not just about reducing the tax on business owners and those who have them. Wouldn’t many people agree with the idea that small and medium-sized business owners can maintain corporate continuity by stabilizing inheritance to the next generation’s children?” he said.

Candidate Yoon said, “Inheritance tax in Korea is not calculated based on the beneficiary, but based on the property of the decedent itself. In addition, “even if the subject of inheritance tax is only 1% and 3%, when entrepreneurs cannot operate properly due to the burden of inheritance tax and must eventually be sold to a private equity fund, many workers are doomed with the operation of the enterprise There are many,” he said. The Hankyoreh delivered the remark and titled it “Yun Seok-yeol’s ‘pro-business nature’.

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