The Chrome browser version 73


Google developers submitted an update to the Chrome 73 browser and the Chromium assembly. In this version for Android has been added Pages Lite mode, which accelerates the download of sites on a slow connection. Furthermore, this mode reduces the cost of traffic and optimizes pages on the fly. At the same time, the mode is automatically disabled for specific sites if the user often returns to view the original pages without optimization. The download manager has also been downloaded in the mobile version and recommendations are provided without a connection.

Furthermore, the developers have improved the picture-in-picture mode in the desktop versions of the browser. In particular, the window remains visible while browsing through other pages. Furthermore, it is possible to automatically transfer the video to the "picture in picture" mode, if the user switches to another tab. Button displayed Skip announcement, which allows you to skip announcements.

As promised, it added support for hardware hardware keys to control content playback. Now they work correctly in the browser, even if not yet on all operating systems. The feature is available on Chrome OS, macOS and Windows and will appear in Linux later. And the browser has learned to disconnect Web applications in the PWA format, positioning them separately from the browser. This is true for chat rooms, instant messengers and more. PWA support for macOS has also been added. The dark theme design also appears.

The account settings offer a separate section of Google Sync and services, which, as the name suggests, includes all options for managing data synchronization and sending information to Google. There is synchronization of words added by the user to the dictionary, data for the identification of malicious applications and pages, as well as an impersonal telemetry collection with information on the network addresses being opened.

Furthermore, the improvements have received tools for web developers. The browser itself can already be downloaded from the official website or updated using the integrated tool.

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