The Church, willing to collaborate with the fund proposed by the Ombudsman, but only if it compensates "all the victims"

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This Tuesday the bishops showed themselves willing to participate in the fund proposed by the Ombudsman to repair and compensate victims of abuse, but “only if it is done for all victims” and not only those who have suffered within the community. Iglesia.

This was said at a press conference by the Secretary General of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), César García Magán, who has defended that all victims of sexual abuse deserve support and reparation. “If only the victims are taken into account in the Church, 90% would be excluded and would have no reparation.”

The bishops appeared this Tuesday at a press conference after participating in a Plenary Assemblyextraordinary call to analyze the Ombudsman’s report, which includes the results of a survey in which 1.13% of adult Spaniards reveal that they have suffered abuse in the religious sphere and 0.6% by of a priest or religious.

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