The CIA beats the first woman to lead a key part of the agency TheHill – The Hill


On Friday, the CIA calls Elizabeth Kimber to manage the part of the agency that recruits spies abroad, collects information and undertakes secret actions.

Kimber is destined to become the first woman to lead the clandestine service of the agency, known as Directorate of Operations, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"With nearly 34 years of experience and a proven ability to deliver results with the CIA's operational mission, Beth Kimber will be an outstanding leader in our operations management," said Brittany Bramell, CIA's director of public affairs.

Details about Kimber's career are scarce, with the Journal noting that her LinkedIn page simply says she is a "Senior National Security Executive" who graduated from Hamilton College and speaks French.

A former CIA officer who worked with Kimber told the Journal that "he has a very high level of intellect, not only when it comes to the operational technique on which our work is based, but also to the understanding of the world".

Kimber's appointment comes when women hold a number of national security agency positions.

Gina Haspel was confirmed as director of the CIA in May and Sue Gordon was sworn in as deputy director of National Intelligence last year.



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