The Ciarán storm causes havoc in France: one dead, 1.2 million houses without electricity and train cancellations

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The storm Ciarán, which puts almost all of Spain on alert this Thursday, has caused serious damage as it passed through France tonight. The country remains on alert, especially the french atlantic facade. A driver has died after a tree fell on him, there are 1.2 million homes that have been left without electricity (780,000 in Brittany) and transportation has suffered serious alterations, with the cancellation of a large part of the trains that circulate through the affected area.

Truck driver died in Aisne, a department located north of Paris, after a tree fell on the vehicle, as confirmed by the French Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, in statements to the radio station France Info. There is, furthermore, four people injuredthree of them are firefighters.

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has confirmed that the firefighters have had to carry out more than 1,900 interventions overnight.

Yesterday was prohibited circulation by the Breton department of Finistèreand it has been requested not to use vehicles in the two departments that are on red alert due to wind, which are Côtes d’Armor, on the coast of Brittany, and The Channel, in Normandy. Another 24, all on the Atlantic façadeare on orange alert.

Two airports in Brittany (Brest and Quimper) have been closed since yesterday and In others in northwest France, planes have had to be diverted to some further away.

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