The CIS of Tezanos places the PP as the first force with 2.5 points over the PSOE in the midst of amnesty negotiations

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The barometer of the Sociological Research Center (CIS) for the month of November places the Popular Party as the first force if general elections were held today. Grants to those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo 33.9% in voting intention after overtaking the PSOE, which falls to 31.3% in the process of negotiating the amnesty with the independence parties. Sumar would achieve 11.8%, which would consolidate it as the third force, and Vox would fall to 10% in voting intention, almost two and a half points below what was achieved at the polls in July.

This is the last survey by the organization chaired by José Félix Tezanos carried out before the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez, scheduled for the end of next week. The estimate was calculated in the middle of the negotiation process – including the amnesty law – with the Catalan independence forces, whose latest agreement, with Junts, materialized this Thursday in Brussels.

In the previous barometer, corresponding to the month of October, the PP closed the gap with the PSOE, although not enough: the popular They obtained 32.2% in voting intention compared to 32.6% for the socialists. Sumar continued to be the third force with 12.7% of support and Vox lost one point, reaching 10.1%.

Now, the demographic panorama drawn by the CIS is noticeably different: Feijóo’s team gains 1.7 points in just one month, almost one point above what was achieved on 23-J; The PSOE loses six tenths with respect to the electoral result and falls 1.3 points in one month. In October he already lost another point, when, after Feijóo’s failed investiture, Pedro Sánchez began to negotiate with his parliamentary partners for new support for his investiture.

Furthermore, the right bloc (PP and Vox) would add more than the left bloc (PSOE and Sumar): 43.9% compared to 43.1%. However, the support of the nationalist and independence groups would once again turn the parliamentary majority towards the progressive space.

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