The CIS of Tezanos reduces the advantage of the PSOE over the PP to only four tenths

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The CIS gives an advantage to the PSOE over the PP in its barometer for the month of October, so that if new elections are held today, Pedro Sánchez’s party would win the elections. However, the difference with respect to the PP is only four tenths. In fact, according to the survey, the PSOE loses almost one point compared to the September barometer while the PP gains five tenths

The October barometer was carried out in the first days of the month, after the failed investiture of the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and when the public debate was already focused on Pedro Sánchez’s negotiations with the pro-independence parties to try to obtain the votes necessary for his investiture. These negotiations have as their central point the approval of an amnesty law for those involved in the process and the demand of Junts and ERC to recognize the right to self-determination, and therefore the holding of an independence referendum in Catalonia. In this sense, the survey would collect the position of citizens on these issues.

The Tezanos survey, however, gives the PSOE a better result than the one it obtained in the past elections 23-J. At the polls he achieved 31.7%, now he would get almost one point more. On the contrary, the PP would obtain a worse result than in the past elections. The popular They achieved 33.05% of the ballots on June 23 and now, according to the barometer, they would only get 32.2%

The barometer shoots the Sumar platform led by Yolanda Díaz with 12.7% of the votes, almost one point more than in the September poll and four tenths more than what was achieved at the polls. In this way, according to the CIS, Sumar would position itself as the third force in Congress, displacing Vox to fourth position, which with 10.1% voting intention, loses one point compared to last month and more than two compared to the elections of 23-J.

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