The citizens of the EU complain about problems with the vote for the European elections


Many citizens of the EU in the United Kingdom report problems on social networks on the day of the European elections – they were rejected at the polling stations. The British electoral commission calls the chaos Brexit a reason.

With the slogan #DeniedMyVote – for example, "I was denied the right to vote" – complaints from EU citizens who were not allowed to participate in the European elections in Britain have accumulated on social media. The background to this is that in the UK the citizens of other EU countries had to ensure in a form not to vote in their home country. Information about it, then the reproach, but it was too late for many affected or not arrived.

Britain and the Netherlands kicked off elections on Thursday. More than 3.5 million citizens of other EU countries live in the UK. How many of them were interested could not be determined.

The chaos of Brexit causes voting problems

The British Electoral Commission commented on the charges in the afternoon. "We understand the frustration of some citizens of other EU countries living in the UK who could not vote," a spokesman said. This was due to the short-term announcement by the government that Britain would participate despite the resignation of the European Parliament elections.

The Brexit representative of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, was concerned about the reports. "The scope of this obvious problem must be investigated," he tweeted.

On May 7, Prime Minister Theresa May's government announced that participation in the elections is inevitable. Until recently, he had hoped to bring their withdrawal agreement through Parliament.

Britain should have left the EU on March 29th. The deadline was then extended until October 31, since the Mays resignation agreement in three attempts in parliament did not find the majority. It is not clear if the 73 British deputies will ever take their place. According to the will of the government, the withdrawal should take place before the constituent meeting of the European Parliament at the beginning of July. However, what succeeds, it seems doubtful.

Socialists in the Netherlands ahead

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, according to a first forecast of the elections, the socialists of the best European candidate Frans Timmermans are surprisingly ahead. This reported the NOS state broadcaster on the evening after the polling stations closed, citing Ipsos data. Thierry Baudet, the new shooting star of the Dutch right, and his Forum for Democracy (FvD), have become only the fourth strongest force.

In the United Kingdom, a triumph for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party from which he could receive, according to polls, up to 38 percent of the votes. The Liberal Democrats and the Greens, who oppose the exit of the European Union, are also experiencing high-altitude flights. The voters seem to seize the opportunity to punish the two main parties, conservatives and Labor, for the chaos surrounding the exit of the EU. For the conservative Tories of Prime Minister Theresa May it will be bitter, even a single-digit result does not seem to be excluded.

May is under great pressure to resign. According to the hypothesis, it could be forced Friday to appoint a date for his departure.

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