The City and Microsoft signed an agreement and will train thousands of young people in digital tools | News | Buenos Aires City

With the aim of bringing technology closer to young people, understanding it as a fundamental tool for employability and social inclusion, Soledad Acuña, Minister of Education, José Luis Giusti, Minister of Economic Development and Production, and Fernando López Iervasi, General Manager of Microsoft Argentina, signed a collaboration agreement – for a period of two years – that establishes that training will be offered on topics related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Tomás Mestre, Director of Youth Policies, highlighted: “This agreement is a significant opportunity for the city’s youth, since jobs are changing and the skills they will be able to acquire are in high demand in the labor market. From our side We are paying special attention to enhancing employability and we consider this to be a great step towards that goal. “

Digital tools promote the economic development of the City and the need arises to incorporate them into the young population for future jobs that are largely related to software development and data analysis, among others. The trainings will focus on these issues and improve employability conditions.

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