The City Council recognizes that there are more establishments with a closure order, such as the one at the burned nightclub, that are still open.

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He Murcia City Council has recognized this Thursday that there are more premises in the municipality that are subject to a closure order and cessation of activity and that are open, which is why it has announced that it will carry out a review and will act, first of all, on the Atalayas and Mariano Rojas areawhich will mean “a reinforcement of license inspection.”

This was announced this Thursday at a press conference by the spokesperson for the Government team, Rebecca Perezafter reporting on the affairs of the Governing Board, mostly dedicated to analyzing what happened this Sunday in the Las Atalayas leisure area.

At the moment, the number of premises that would be in this situation has not been announced, but he has assured that action will be taken in this regard, pointing out, in addition, that he does not know why he continued to carry out his activity. Theater SL despite having a closure report decreed by the Inspection.

Asked about the decision made known late this Wednesday afternoon regarding the mayor’s order, Jose Ballestato remove the officials who intervened in the file on ‘Teatre Murcia SL’ in 2022, explained that “since the work of the internal surveillance commission began, it has been deemed appropriate to proceed out of caution to remove the officials who directly intervened in this file”.

Regarding whether they have been suspended from employment and salary or have been assigned another task, he has indicated that “they have moved away from that responsibility that they held until now”, after which he has warned that “taking other types of measures is not ruled out.” and this may not be a definitive number of people, the number may vary. However, it is unknown how many people made up the department in question.

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