The City Council will double a credit and use the remainder to balance the accounts

Donostia – The Consistory has so far executed slightly more than 95% of the budgeted expenses and has entered around 87%. In this atypical year, municipal economic services estimate that the year will close with an accumulated deficit of 30 million euros. To deal with it, on the one hand, the thirteen million credit that the City Council had will be doubled and, on the other, 17 million remainder of investment projects that are re-reported, that is, that will be executed in subsequent periods will be used.

The director of economic management of the Donostia City Council, Kepa Ugartemendia, offered these explanations regarding the budget execution of this year in the Finance committee yesterday in response to an interpellation from EH Bildu.

The appearance of the pandemic and its consequences has disrupted the budget approved in December of last year for 2020 and in the spring the economic officials asked for prudence that new tenders or investments not be executed or approved until they knew to what extent the new situation would affect the municipal accounts, with less income than expected and more expenses derived from the pandemic itself. Finally, it seems that the situation will not be as bad as it was foreseen in spring and that is allowing the municipal government to unlock thirteen million euros for projects such as the renewal of Isabel II.

The Councilor for the Treasury, Jaime Domínguez-Macaya, also appeared in that same commission, asked about the forecasts for the 2021 budget. The mayor explained that before the end of the year they expect to have the forecasts of current expenses and income based on real data from this exercise, which will allow them to temporarily extend the accounts to start the first months of 2021.

From there, they will finalize the investment chapter, in which they are also already working. Domínguez-Macaya explained that they hope to be able to present their draft budgets at the end of January, when they will also be able to have the data from this year’s settlement. The objective of the municipal government is to be able to approve the accounts for next year in plenary session at the end of March or the beginning of April. The PP has already announced that, regardless of its content, it will support the accounts.


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