The city is mowing the post-new year virus. What to do in order not to get sick


In Yekaterinburg – outbreak of SARS and flu. According to 66.RU in the management of Rospotrebnadzor in the Sverdlovsk region, in mid-December, 27.8 thousand cases of ARVI were recorded in the region and 13.5 thousand in Yekaterinburg. From the beginning of 2019, there are already 32.6 thousand cases in the region and 18.2 thousand in the city. In the near future, they can become even more – as a rule, a wave of infection occurs soon after the holidays.

According to Gorzdrav, in the week from December 31st to January 6th, almost 9.6 thousand people turned to ARVI with medical complaints about the disease. The ministry emphasizes that this is twice as high as compared to the same period last year.

Also, this winter, doctors record the peak of pneumonia. Experts explain this by the cyclical nature of the infection. These epidemics occur every few years.

Previously, epidemiologists predicted the spread of influenza with serious complications. According to doctors, citizens run the risk of contracting swine flu, which is very dangerous. "The respiratory failure develops and people die of this very quickly," said Ekaterinburg's chief epidemiologist, Alexander Kharitonov. Severe cough, headache and other symptoms should alert and force the search for medical care.

After the Christmas holidays, the queues reappeared in hospitals. According to a blogger from Yekaterinburg, who runs a Twitter account on behalf of the city bus, he waited to see a doctor for five hours.

One of the largest hospitals in Yekaterinburg, City Clinical Hospital No. 40, was closed for quarantine due to "an excess of the incidence rate of respiratory viral infections in Yekaterinburg". Quarantine is declared indefinitely. At this time, hospital patients will not be able to receive visitors.

First aid for adults in all the city's polyclinics has increased the working time by two hours. Like 66.RU reported to Gorzdrava, doctors now take patients from 8 to 21 hours. Children work as usual – from 8 to 19 hours.

In order not to be infected, doctors recommend observing the following recommendations:

  • avoid contact with infected people – try to reduce communication with colleagues or common relatives, use a medical mask;
  • after every contact with the patient, wash the face and hands;
  • eat well and follow the daily regimen;
  • consult your doctor about the intake of additional vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

Those who could not protect themselves from the virus, doctors recommend:

  • consult a doctor;
  • respect bed rest;
  • use cough napkins;
  • wash your hands with soap after hygiene;
  • they often drink boiled or mineral water at room temperature, fruit drinks, unsweetened tea with lemon.


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