The civil and professional wave against the amnesty grows, from schools to embassies: "Breaks equality in pensions"

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Different professional groups from civil society have spoken out in recent hours against the agreement reached by the PSOE with Junts per Catalunya. The most repeated argument is the “inequality” that the amnesty and economic privileges will generate among Spaniards.

DEAN JUDGES, PROVINCIAL COURTS AND TSJ. The unrest among members of the Judiciary continues to grow. Yesterday, different Government Chambers of the Superior Courts of Justice joined the statements of all the judicial associations and the General Council of the Judiciary, rejecting the concept of lawfare and pointing out that in a rule of law, judges are subject to the rule of law. For their part, the presidents of the provincial hearings issued another statement where they indicated that “their surprise and indignation” because the PSOE-Junts pact calls into question “the independence of the Judiciary in Spain.” Furthermore, the senior judges also took a position against the concept of lawfare or judicialization of politics.

STATE ADVOCACY. More than a hundred State lawyers signed a declaration “flatly rejecting the investiture agreements, which represent a direct attack on freedom, justice and equality, with a manifest failure of our Rule of Law.” On the other hand, the State Bar Association issued another statement yesterday expressing its “deep concern about the breakdown of the separation of powers and the principle of equality between all Spaniards.” “The weakening of the democratic institutions of the State represents an unacceptable delegitimization of them that this Association cannot share,” added this group.

THE WORK INSPECTION. The most representative union of the Labor and Social Security Inspection yesterday charged against the investiture pact between the PSOE and the PNV by which the transfer in a period of two years of the economic management of the Social Security to the Basque Country is agreed. since he considers that this measure “breaks the solidarity and equality of Spaniards.” «That the Autonomous Communities can have the power to recognize pensions and other benefits (retirements, Disabilities, subsidies…) without subjecting themselves to unified management criteria for the entire national territory, would inevitably lead to the beginning of the rupture of the solidarity of the System of equality of all Spaniards in terms of benefits and of the principle of cash unity of the Social Security system,” they argued in a statement.

SOCIAL SECURITY LAWYERS. The Higher Body of Lawyers of the Social Security Administration also criticized this planned transfer to the Basque Country. He considered that maintaining the Social Security system as it currently is and in the constitutionally provided terms “is an essential element for coexistence.” «Any assignment or transfer of its management to the Autonomous Communities would violate the model enshrined in article 41 of our Constitution, which contemplates a public Social Security regime, unique and unitary for all citizens as a guarantee of the equality of all Spaniards. », they lamented.

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