The civil guard associations challenge Marlaska and remember their obligation to defend the Constitution

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The discomfort in Civil Guard after the Government’s agreements with together and with him PNV is growing. After yesterday, the Ministry of the Interior led by Fernando Grande-Marlaska initiated proceedings against an association (Aprogc) for showing its willingness “to shed its blood in defense of the Constitution”, today five other associations with representation in the Armed Institute are also raising their voices. and all to make it clear that they are for “defend the Constitution”. And all of them, to position themselves against the political agreements of Pedro Sanchez and against the amnesty.

And so they have signed a joint document in which the representative associations of the Civil Guard “want to convey to Spanish society our absolute respect and defense of the Constitutionhe Rule of law and the separation of powers, along with our unwavering loyalty to the Rey“.

They remember the decalogue two of the Civil Guard and the Constitution: “My first duty is to defend Spain, guarding and ensuring that the Constitution and the laws are kept, with loyalty to the King.”

The guards associations clearly declare themselves against the amnesty agreed between Pedro Sánchez and Puigdemont. “After becoming aware of the document signed on November 9, 2023 of the agreement of the Amnesty Law, which contemplates the possibility of establishing investigation commissions by the political power on the judicial actions and therefore of the Forces and Corps of Security in its capacity as Judicial Police, showing our rejection of this measure because it is an attack on the waterline of Judicial Independence, which breaks the Separation of powersthe basic pillar of a rule of law”.

“The Civil Guards feel that we are being used as a bargaining chip in the negotiations to form a Government and this will have serious permanent consequences for the security of the citizens. The Civil Guard was already losing influence and now it is intended that it lose powers and expel its members. civil guards and their families Basque Country and Cataloniaan issue that the representative associations of the Civil Guard are not willing to tolerate,” the note adds.

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