The civil guard associations demand an urgent meeting with Marlaska: "It disables us"

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The civil guard associations have once again stood up to Fernando Grande-Marlaska. All the block groups have demanded an urgent meeting for the Minister of the Interior to explain to them why, as they denounce, he “disqualifies the representation of the civil guards in the governing bodies” of the Armed Institute.

The secretary general of Jucil, Ernesto VilariñOr, he considers it a priority to hold an immediate meeting because, as he stated, “we have the impression that there is a plan to discredit and discourage the representation task that the regulations grant to associations to be the voice of the civil guards chosen by democratic way”.

In fact, the representative associations of the Civil Guard took an unprecedented measure last week by abandoning the meeting of the Plenary Session of the Civil Guard Council. This decision was due to the continuous “disrespect and contempt” suffered by the Administration, “which demonstrates a clear attempt to discredit, weaken and our work.”

“Unfortunately, the request for a meeting has been avoided by both the minister and his substitute in the Presidency of the Council, the director general of the Civil Guard. Furthermore, not even the functioning of the Council, a body whose decisions lack the minimum binding character , currently serves as a consultative instrument”.

The situation has reached a point where the Minister of the Interior only seems to need to apply the Military Penal Code to try to silence the 16 representatives of the civil guards who act as members of the Civil Guard Council. This fact has led all associations to rise up against these types of decisions.

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