The Civil Guard delays the approval of the new rule on work shifts due to the internal controversy

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The new director of the Civil Guard, Leonardo Marcosannounced at the meeting of the plenary session of the Council of the Armed Institute held this Wednesday that the approval of the rule on work shifts will be delayed, a proposal that faces internal controversy due to complaints from professional associations.

According to sources from the Civil Guard, the director has decided to remove the proposal on shift work from the agenda, a modality that has already been implemented in some units, with the aim of studying the rule in greater depth and dealing with it in the next plenary

Leonardo Marcos was named the new director of the Civil Guard on June 13. The until then director of Civil Protection and Emergencies within the organization chart Ministry of Interior formally took office on Tuesday and replaces Mercedes Gonzalezwho after two months left the position to go on the PSOE lists in the general elections of 23-J.

Jucil, the majority association in the Council of the Civil Guard, has assessed Leonardo Marcos’s decision to “delay it to September” as “very positive”. The association claims the 6×6 shift as in the National Police, that is, six days of work and as many rest.

In a statement, this association has explained that it rejects the proposal for a “6×4 shift and with doublets” proposed by the Administration, since this “in principle means 250 more hours of annual work than those now carried out by a national police officer”.

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