The Civil Guard investigates a beating by eight boys aged 11 and 12 against a six-year-old boy in Binéfar (Huesca)

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The Civil Guard has opened an investigation into an alleged attack on a six-year-old boy in the Huesca town of Binéfar by a group of eight minors between 11 and 12 years old .

Likewise, the City Council of said town, of about 9,900 inhabitants, has expressed its “firm condemnation” for the brutal beating and has shown its support for the victim and his family.

As it became known this Friday, the events occurred last Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. in the vicinity of the Los Olmos de Binéfar football field at the end of a workout.

According to the complaint, to which the Diario del Alto Aragón, it was at that moment when five of the minors threw the child to the ground and, for no apparent reason, kicked him in the body and head, while the other three watched without intervening. After the alleged attack, they all ran from the scene.

As a result of the blows, the little boy has several nodules on his head and suffers a major traumatic condition.

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