The Civil Guard investigates whether a separated father jumped into the void with his seven-year-old son after finding both bodies in the Urbasa mountains

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The Civil Guard is investigating the deaths of a father and his seven-year-old son, whose bodies have appeared in the sierra de Urbasa (Navarra) after the father, separated from the mother, did not take the child to school after spending the weekend together. The hypothesis that has the most force is that the man threw himself and his son off a cliff.

As you have been able to know THE WORLDthe alleged murderer had left the car keys in the car, the doors open and the coats inside before heading to a peak known in the area to be the one chosen by some people to take their own lives.

There were no previous complaints between the parents. The search was activated yesterday afternoon after the mother went to the Civil Guard to file a complaint. She went to pick up her son from school and was informed there that she had not come.

The woman tried to contact her ex-partner by phone, but was unsuccessful. She went to her home but there was no response either. That’s when she filed the complaint. Given the perceived risk situation, an extensive search effort was established that bore fruit hours later, when the bodies of her father and son were found.

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