The civil society demonstration overflows the center of Madrid against the amnesty: "Not in my name!"

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It is 12:00 o’clock and a flood of constitutional and European flags is still descending through Serranoby Alcalafor him El Prado Walkby Gran Via and by Alfonso XII. On the banks of Withdrawal The buses rest like stranded barges. Beyond Colón, almost a kilometer away, the hubbub is fading. The concentration extends in all directions from Cybele as the center of the protest. According to the organizers, the event has brought together around a million people.

There is less crowding than on other occasions, but the continuous trickle has an effect: tens of thousands of people are filling the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid and its surroundings. The blue of the community insignia contrasts with Ferraz’s riots, where anathemas against the EU fly.

It is 12:00 o’clock on all the clocks of self-proclaimed “constitutionalism”, which explodes in a univocal cry against the amnesty: “Not in my name!”. More than a hundred civil society associations and forums have said enough and have organized the large demonstration against the pacts of Pedro Sánchez and the independentists of Junts and ERC.

Without party acronyms, but with the presence of the senior staff of the PP and Vox, the protest this Saturday in Madrid has been designed as the central axis of the response against the agreements to erase the crimes of the process. This Saturday an enormous torrent of civic energy condensed around the Plaza de Cibeles against the investiture tolls.

Having already averted the danger of having collapsed in the previous protests, the demonstrators have broken into a great ovation to Alejo Vidal-Quadras has unsealed the act. The former president of the Catalan PP and founder of Vox is recovering from the shot in the face that he suffered a week ago. From the main stage he has echoed through the public address system the tweet with which he has given proof of his recovery: “Sanchism turns the electoral adversary into an enemy to be expelled from the system through the destruction of basic constitutional consensus.”

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