World The clashes between the police and the population, because...

The clashes between the police and the population, because of the party’s illegal in London

Vusers objects they were fired at police officers who were trying to dispel a party, is illegal, yesterday afternoon, in the streets of London in the united kingdom.

The violence – which took place in the Harrow-Road, were captured in a video circulated on social media. In the pictures you can see an agent being hit by a the shot and the other is the use of one hand, against a young man.

The festival has been denounced to the authorities by the residents at around the 15: 00 point to Sky News.

Due to the demonstrations, and at the urging of the group not to finish in the dark, around 100 police officers were called to the site, with the help of a helicopter foçar the law enforcement officer. The festival has been released, but it’s still the morning, there were police officers on site to ensure that the order is a civic.

In a statement to the aforementioned publication despite theâdaythe Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick grayson has revealed that, over the past three weeks, nearly 140 officers within the police force were injured while trying to finish off the festivities is illegal. “Aggression towards the police is unacceptable,” he added to the guardian.

In addition, in accordance with the Cressida Dick, just this week, the elimination of the two parties, the illegal has led to violence between the authorities and the citizens on the last Wednesday in Brixton and the other on the next day Oxford Hill.

Here’s a video of the moment in the gallery above.

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