The classic is back! “Evil Castle 4 Remake” free DLC “Mercenary Mode” will be launched in April | 4Gamers

“Evil Castle 4 Remastered Edition” was officially launched today (24th). Capcom released a promotional video, and announced that the free DLC additional download “The Mercenaries” (The Mercenaries) will be launched on April 7.

Inherited from the 2005 “Evil Castle 4” classic mini-game “Mercenary Mode”. Choose your favorite character, make good use of all the props in the field within a limited time, and find a way to kill the most enemies; there are different types of enemies on the battlefield, and corresponding players have to come up with different corresponding methods.

Because it is extremely challenging and you can get hidden weapons, it has always been well received by players; so this time it also returns with the remake.

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