The climate is striking: students from all over the world come out to ask for change – live | Environment



The crowd in Sydney's Town Hall Square poured into the streets of George and Bathurst, thousands of people gathered to push on climate change.

While a giant inflatable earth was being tossed around the square, the songs of "Hey hey, ho ho, Adani's mine had to go" and "The climate action now" echoed through the city.

Angela Clark participated in the protest with her daughter, Analise Hoatson, 14, of Cammeray High School. He did not share the concern of the commentators who had criticized the students who were missing from school.

"I could not be more proud," he told Guardian Australia. "Honestly, I don't understand it. What could be more important?"

The analysis agrees: "It is so important for the rest of terrestrial life," he said.

Jack Howard, 18, and Joseph Naffah, 15, of Glenaeon Steiner School of Middle Cove, both said they felt ignored by politicians.

"What we're doing is showing that we are aware of many climate issues that seem to be the people in power trying to hide," Howard said.

"Politicians absolutely don't care about us," agreed Naffah. "The government is saying that these children do not understand what they are doing. In fact, we have been educated."


In Wagga Wagga, columnist for Guardian Australia Van Badham has this:

The climate is actually a much bigger problem in the Riverina headquarters (Wagga Wagga) than Michael McCormack than he really would like. Climate issues have dominated the debates of the candidates held here for the NSW state elections. You can't fuck farmers about climate change.

Today a mix of amazing students and university students marched up and down Bayliss Street, Wagga's main street, singing "Wake up, Wagga!" With applause and public screams (which I think was a surprise for the children). Since they had never organized an official action before today, they picked up a replica of Wilcox's comic.





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