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When cleaning up, I had come across the old alarm clock of my father. I had taken him after his death as a souvenir of the inconsequential belongings. Now he is resting in a drawer with me.

How old may he be? Anyway, he's older than me, and I'm almost ninety. My father was born in 1897. I suppose it was one of his earliest acquisitions when he started working in his youth. Work requires punctuality.

But it could also have been an heirloom. Maybe the clock has already accompanied my father to the front of the First World War, where he had to be operational as a radio operator at any time of day or night. If so, then he must have had her with him when he was pulled out of the rubble of a house with a severe head injury.

That he possessed her in Wroclaw, where he was also committed to military service in World War II despite this war injury, I know …

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