"The clothes of the victims are in his apartment": suspect in the murder of a woman and a teenager detained in Moscow

The forces of the order arrested a man suspected of involvement in the murder in Moscow of a woman and a child. During the searches in the apartment of the alleged author, the victims' clothes were found. According to media reports, on November 7, two bodies with numerous stab wounds were found in one of the apartments in a house in Sofia Kovalevskaya Street.

In the context of a criminal investigation into the double murder in the north of Moscow, the suspect was arrested. This was reported by the official representative of the investigative committee Svetlana Petrenko.

"Thanks to the joint work of investigators, criminologists and criminal investigators, a man born in 1988 involved in the brutal murder of a woman and a child was arrested," the ministry said.

In addition, the searches were conducted in the apartment of the suspect, during which material evidence was found indicating that the man was involved in the crime.

"In his apartment searches are carried out, during which the victims' clothes have already been found," the investigative committee pointed out. The website of the agency also notes that "the investigation is under way".

According to the press service of the central council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, a thirty year old native of the capital, who lived in the Moscow region, was arrested. Previously, he was convicted of serious crimes. At the moment the analysis is underway of which reasons could have caused the tragic accident.

Recall that on Wednesday, November 7, investigators of the main investigative department of the Moscow Investigative Committee in Moscow opened a criminal case for a crime pursuant to part 2 of the art. 105 of the Russian Penal Code ("The murder of two or more persons").

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"According to the investigation, on the evening of November 7, 2018, the apartment of a residential building located in Sofia Kovalevskaya Street in Moscow found the bodies of a woman and a teenager with signs of violent death," the report noted.

The head of the investigative committee, Alexander Bastrykin, sent an inquiry into the incident to the Directorate General of Criminology (Forensic Center).

Andrei Strizhov, head of the investigative committee's Moscow leadership, took over the work of investigators and criminologists. Investigators conducted interrogations of neighbors and studied surveillance camera recording.

As reported by RIA Novosti, citing a source in an ordering agency in Moscow, the body of the dead was discovered by the mother of the dead woman at about 18:30 on 7 November.

"The mother of the deceased arrived in the apartment about half past six in the evening, opened the door with the key and found the bodies of her daughter and nephew with multiple cuts wounds.At this time, they were already dead around 4 pm ", observed the source.

According to him, three bloody knives, a roll of plastic film with traces of blood and shoe covers were found at the crime scene.

Kill Disclosure

Note that at the beginning of this week in Moscow there were two more murders. Thus, on the afternoon of November 5, the body of a man born in 1987 with a gunshot wound to his chest was found in the Warsaw hospital.

Investigators opened criminal proceedings under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Murder" and "Illegal Movement of Arms". On Wednesday 7 November, a suspect born in 1992 was arrested.

"Investigators have determined that the victim and the suspect were engaged in private transportation, the conflict between them occurred on the basis of hostile personal relationships," said Yulia Ivanova, assistant head of the State Investigation Department of Russia's Investigative Committee at Moscow.

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Furthermore, another crime occurred on 6 November 2018 in the elevator of a residential building located in Znamensky Sadky street. The body of a woman born in 1966 with numerous stab wounds was found there.

Investigators opened criminal proceedings under the article "Homicide".

As a result of a complex of investigative actions and operational investigative measures aimed at clarifying all the circumstances, a person who could be involved in the commission of a crime was identified.

The suspect was arrested and turned out to be a man born in 1991. The forces of the order control him for involvement in a number of other crimes.

"At the moment, the detainee was brought to the investigative department to conduct investigative actions, on whose results he will be accused and chosen as a preventive measure," said a statement published on the website of the Investigative Committee for the City of Moscow.

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