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The project, which was positioned as a way to help entrepreneurs open and develop their business, it was decided to close

Peter Osipov

(Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS)

One of the founders of the Business Youth project, Petr Osipov, announced that he decided to close it. “I am closing Business Youth. This company will no longer exist “, – wrote Osipov on his Instagram page. On this drew attention edition of The Bell.

Osipov spoke about the disintegration of Business Youth (BM) in the fall of 2019 after parting with his project partner Mikhail Dashkiev in interview with Andrey Ostapchuk, founder of the Young Business Club.

“BM will not continue. I plan to work on the Metamorphoses project, ”Osipov said then. However, after that, “Business Youth” continued to exist. A message about the changes appeared on the project’s website in mid-August 2020, with what was happening was called a “rebranding”.

“Now our company is undergoing rebranding. This is due to profound changes in the company’s strategy and the formation of a new product line. In the future, we will also conduct personal development programs and business trainings. Some of the programs will go online and will be available from anywhere in the world, others will be held only live, “the message.

At the same time, Osipov in his posts on Instagram speaks precisely about the closure of the project. “Why did we break up with Misha? Why am I closing BM? Fatal mistakes that I made? ” – he wrote, inviting those who want to know the answer to these questions to report it in the comments to the post.


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