The collapse of the Citarum River embankment caused flooding in 4 villages in Bekasi – The embankment burst Citarum River on Sunday (21/2), at 01.00 WIB, causing flooding in 4 villages in the Regency Bekasi West Java province.

The BNPB Operations Control Center (Pusdalops) received reports from the local BPBD that floods hit 4 villages, namely Desa Sukaurip, Karangsegar, Bantasari and Sumber Urip.

“The four villages are in Pebayuran District. The flood caused 5 houses to be washed away,” said Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center Raditya Jati through a written statement received., Sunday (21/2/2021).

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Water level

Meanwhile, the Bekasi District BPBD officer reported that the water level reached between 100 and 250 cm at the time of the incident.

Chief Executive of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) West Java Province Dani Ramdan said the cause of the breakdown of the embankment was due to high rainfall and water runoff.

Embankment Citarum which is located in Babakan Banker Village, Sumber Urip Village, Pebayuran District, Bekasi, according to Dani, it was broken down to about 50 meters long.

Even though the impact of the embankment was quite severe, he confirmed that there were no casualties in the incident.

Dani said the Bekasi Regency BPBD team and volunteers were still on standby at the location.

Meanwhile, Raditya Jadi said, BPBD had identified the urgent need for emergency handling to overcome broken embankments such as bamboo and sacks.

Meanwhile, for the refugees, instant noodles, mineral water, ready-to-eat food, medicines, vitamins, evacuation boats, boat engines, rope and shooting lights are needed.

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Karawang flood

Meanwhile, based on the monitoring of the BNPB Quick Reaction Team (TRC), the flood in Karawang Regency on Saturday (20/2/2021), at 22.00 WIB, as many as 34 villages in 15 sub-districts were affected by the flood.

Floods are caused by, among others, high intensity rain and the overflow of the Citarum River.

The 15 affected districts are Rengasdengklok Subdistrict, West Telukjambe, Tirtajaya, Pedes, Cikampek, Purwasari, Ciampel, Pangkalan, Klari, Tempuran, Tirtamulya, Jatisari, Rawamerta, Karawang Barat and Cilamaya Wetan.

The affected residents reached 9,331 families or 28,329 people, while 1,075 families or 4,184 people were displaced.

The flood also affected 8,539 housing units and affected a number of infrastructures. Officers in the field are still carrying out further data collection.

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Responding to the flood, BPBD Karawang Regency together with the TNI, Polri and related regional apparatus organizations and volunteers helped evacuate residents in the affected locations. BPBD also operates public kitchens to provide the nutritional needs of affected residents.

Not all residents who fled to the point of evacuation, some residents fled to relatives’ homes, mosques and hotels.

Meanwhile, BNPB has provided support in the form of assistance to the command post for handling floods, ready-to-use funds of IDR 250 million, 10,000 masks, 80 blankets and 300 salt lamps.

BNPB also supports 1 rubber boat and 10 buoys needed when evacuating residents.

The Karawang regency government has previously established a flood disaster emergency response status from February 8 to February 21, 2021. With the current condition, the local government will extend it for the next 14 days.

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