The "Colonies and Education" award already has a winner

The second edition of the Interuniversity Award Colonies and education already have a winning job. Catalan Association of Leisure Companies (Acellec), Association of Colonial Homes and Youth Hostels of Catalonia (ACCAC) and Confederation of Companies of the Third Social Sector of Catalonia (La Confederación) hThe work "Vivir la diferencia, colonias inclusivas" by Roser Palomar, a student of social education at the Faculty of Education, Social Work and Psychology of the University of Lleida, awarded the award. Palomar presented a project of inclusive settlements for young people with functional diversity in a hostel in the Priorat.

The three entities (Acellec, ACCAC and La Confederación) are leading one Award that promotes research and knowledge of the pedagogical values ​​of school settlements. The three organizations represent practically all the owners and managers of the colonial houses of Catalonia. Currently, the deadline for submission of applications for the third edition of the award is open and has the support of all the education faculties of the Catalan universities and the Directorate General of Youth.

The prize comes with 1,000 euros and the digital dissemination of the study

Work from four axes

the The winning project proposes to find the aspects that young people and teenagers share and make them equal, beyond the differences. Through activities, dynamics and workshops four axes are implicitly worked out: knowledge, autonomy, self-esteem and sexuality. The transmission of ideas and values ​​in daily life highlights inclusion and social cohesion to enhance diversity in a positive key. Roser Palomar's final diploma in Social Education consists of a theoretical introduction as a frame of reference and in the inclusive project of the colonies, which aim to create an area of ​​knowledge, from leisure education to equality. opportunities, understanding the need for social integration, breaking down barriers and prejudices, learning, supporting and creating good bonds.

The study proposes working on knowledge, autonomy, self-esteem and sexuality from leisure activities

Academic excellence

The jury of the Colonies and Education Interuniversity Award highlighted the academic excellence of the winning project with careful research and great rigor in the presentation of the proposals. The members of the jury were Marina Civit, director of Acellec Training School (EFA), Joan Segarra, president of the Confederation, Roger Gatnau, member of ACCAC board of directors, Edgar Iglesias, professor in the Department of Pedagogy applied to the UAB , Jordi Puig, professor of pedagogy at the Faculty of Education of the UB and Jordi Planella, director of Psychology and pedagogical social studies at the UOC.

The awards ceremony will take place on November 14 at 18:00 at the Casa Golferichs in Barcelona and will participate the Minister of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Josep Bargalló, and the Director General of Youth, Norma Pujol. The prize is 1,000 euros and also includes the digital dissemination of the work. The prizes present a web page that contains all the information in the project:

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